Maintenance Tips for Your Hearing Aids

9 March 2016
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Even if you were not born with hearing impairment, you may start experiencing such problems at a later stage of life, perhaps due to the natural process of ageing or as a result of noise-induced ear damage, and will need to use hearing aids. Taking proper care of your hearing aid is vital to ensuring that you receive optimal service from the device. Here's what you should do to keep your hearing aids working in peak condition.

Avoid leaving the device in moisture-prone areas.

Exposure to heat and moisture can cause a lot of damage to your hearing aids. First things first, make sure that the device is always kept in the drying set when not being used. Try as much as possible to avoid leaving these devices near heaters, inside your car, steam bathrooms, showers, etc. where they are likely to collect moisture. In the event of accidental exposure to water, you should leave the repair job to the professionals. Attempting to dry the device yourself, e.g. by putting them in a microwave oven, will only cause extensive damage to it.

Make sure the device is kept clean.

Ensuring that the device is kept clean at all times is critical to ensuring that it works optimally. To start with, you should make sure your hands are always clean before touching the device. This will prevent the transfer of dirt from your hands to the device. Another thing that you should do is clean off earwax from your hearing aids with soft cloth and a little mild soapy water before going to sleep. This is because earwax can easily block critical components of the device, e.g. the microphone and receivers, making it difficult for you to get the service you so much need from the device. Once the device is clean, dry it using an air blower before wearing it again.

Keep the device out of the reach of small children and pets.

Last but not least, keep your hearing aids out of the reach of small children and pets. This is because they can cause physical damage to the device itself or any of its components. Pets may be drawn to the device due to human scent while small children may start playing with it when left lying around. Besides the physical damage that can be caused to the device, you may also have to seek medical attention for your child or pet if they happen to swallow this small device.

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