3 Signs You Need to See an Audiologist

30 September 2020
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Hearing is one of the most important of the five senses. In addition to affecting hearing, the human inner ear also affects body balance. It is, therefore, unfortunate that a lot of the time, people realise the importance of their ears only when they have an ear infection.

It is advisable to keep your ears clean at all times, avoid extremely high noises and avoid inserting sharp objects in the years. However, even with the best health care, the health of your ears will naturally decline with age. You might also get unexpected infections or injuries affecting the ears. Here are three common signs that you need to see a competent audiologist. 

When You Have Problems with Your Hearing

Healthy ears listen to a wide range of sound frequencies. While it is true that there are certain frequencies you might not hear as a human, the inability to perceive sounds that are within the normal range is an indication of trouble.

If you realise that you are having trouble hearing deep sounds or high-pitched voices, you could be losing your sense of hearing. The best thing to do is to visit an audiologist for tests. If they find a reason to believe you have auditory health problems, they will diagnose and treat them.

When You Experience Ringing in Your Ears

Ringing in the ears is pretty common and is known as tinnitus. It is not usually a sign of trouble unless you start experiencing it often. Tinnitus is often caused by the loss of the small hairs, which line up the inner ear. Note that there are people who experience a buzzing sound, hissing or whooshing as a variant of the ringing sound.

Regular ringing in the ears is an indication of an underlying condition. If you are experiencing any of these sounds regularly, you should consider getting an audiologist to help diagnose and treat the cause.

When You Experience Recurring Ear Infections

Ear infections are common among children. This is because children are less careful about cleaning their ears, and they will insert dirt into their ears. However, if you keep experiencing recurring ear infections in adulthood, it is an indication that you might need to see an audiologist.

Additionally, excessive earwax build-up, especially when you do not live in particularly dusty places, could be another indication that you need to see a professional.

The first step in the process of dealing with ear infections is seeing a competent audiologist for an examination. When they have diagnosed your condition, they will offer treatment and help you avoid further damage to your ears. 

To learn more, contact an audiologist.