How To Choose A Doctor

3 November 2022
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Finding a doctor often seems like a straightforward activity. However, there are numerous considerations to make when choosing the right-fit doctor for you or your family. These tips should help you select a doctor. 


Your immediate concern would be the doctor's experience. Most doctors have valid practising licences and the required academic qualifications. Therefore, you should delve deeper into the doctor's professionalism. For instance, do they have a specific speciality? Some doctors practice as GPs, while others specialise in cardiology, oncology, women's health, neurology, or radiology. Moreover, assess whether the doctor has awards or accreditations from medical associations, non-governmental agencies, or local governments. 

Family Appropriateness

Is the doctor appropriate for your family? There are several ways to assess this. For instance, check their reviews on Google My Business, medical journals, local magazines, and medical blogs. It gives you insights into the doctor's personality and client relation policies. For instance, you might want to know how the doctor interacts with kids. If you are a senior citizen, you would be interested in whether the doctor offers home visits to incapacitated patients. Reviews might not be enough to establish whether the doctor is a right fit. In this case, evaluate the doctor's service list to know if they provide all the services you require. 

In some cases, you might be inclined to work with a doctor of a specific gender or culture. For example, your culture could prevent you from discussing certain matters with a doctor of the opposite sex. Alternatively, your culture could restrict you from exploring specific medical interventions. In this case, you must ensure that your doctor understands your personal, cultural, and religious beliefs. 


The clinic's location significantly affects your access to medical services. For example, if the clinic is far from your home, you could ignore some of your symptoms and seek medical care when it is too late. This might not be the case when the clinic is close to your home. Then, check the clinic's operating hours. The general rule is to consider a clinic that operates 24/7 or till the late hours. This way, you avoid the hassles of looking for another doctor when you have a medical emergency. Remember to evaluate the clinic's booking policies. For instance, can you make an online booking? It prevents you from wasting time at the waiting bay. The clinic should also have a child-appropriate waiting bay. For example, a playing area helps the kids from getting anxious as they await their appointment. 

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